The Best Toilet for Congress You Can Buy

Best Toilet for Congress

Toilets might not seem like a subject that governments would discuss or even take seriously. However, they have been addressed by the United States Congress in the past. In the year 1992, Congress passed the Energy Policy and Conservation Act. This act was designed to save water by only using 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The old model of toilet used over 3 gallons. The Energy Policy and Conservation Act helped to change home bathrooms across the nation. Today, many toilets are designed with this requirement.

Best Toilet for Water Conservation

The Kohler Wellworth Dual Flush Toilet is one of the best commodes to conserve water. The bowl for this toilet only uses up to 1.6 gallons of water. The American Standard H2Option Dual Flush toilet system uses about the same amount of water as the Kohler Wellworth. There is also the Penguin Dual Flush brand and the Niagara Stealth. Nature’s Head has a no flush toilet that doesn’t need water. Your waste material goes into a bin beneath the toilet. This will allow you take the compost and use it to grow your garden. Most of these toilet models use no more than 1.6 gallons of water. The Niagara Stealth only uses 0.8 gallons of water. That ability makes this compact small toilet one of the best water conserving bathroom equipment on the market.

Dual flush toilets utilize two types of flushing mechanisms. This allows bathroom goers to use less water when they flush. Low flush toilets are usually power. So, when they flush; they will make a powerful motion that will get rid of waste material. This is important for keeping the bowl clean and for getting waste down into the sewer where it belongs.

Water conservation toilets also come in different sizes. Some have a wider seat than others and others are more compact. Elongated toilets have more space in the toilet seat for the user. Many toilets have a round seat and can handle most users. Water conservation toilets measure out a certain amount of water for each flush. This is important because the units help to cut back on water waste. Remember, some of the earlier toilets used 7 gallons of water. That is an insane amount of water. Still 1 gallon of water is more than enough to flush away solid and liquid waste.

Don’t forget about the tankless toilets. These units work by using a lot of pressure to flush material away. The units are connected directly to the supply line. So, they don’t store water to use for flushes. Still, the units are designed to take in a gallon (or less) of water to get rid of waste material. Tankless toilets are another great design for best toilet for congress.

Dual flush toilets are often effective for flushing waste. This is because a dual flush toilet utilizes 2 types of flushes to get rid of waste. The first flush gets the material to go down the drain. The second flush allows for any left-over matter to be disposed. This way, nothing is left behind floating in the bowl. Toilet bowls such as these are among the best bowls that meet the demands of Congress.

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