Matcha vs. green tea caffeine

Matcha vs. green tea caffeine

Why do you take tea? Some people know why they are doing what they do. For instance, a good number of people choose to take either green tea of matcha health benefits. Whether you take green tea or matcha, one thing for sure is that they are essential for your oral and general health. This does not mean that they are the same. The caffeine content of green tea is different from that of matcha.

Maybe you are wondering whether there is any difference between the two. Matcha tea is simply the tea that goes through some covering with mats before it is harvested. The tea grows in a standard way. However, before the harvest, some mats are placed on it. The reason for the mats is so that it can produce more chlorophyll since no photosynthesis is allowed to happen. The sun rays are entirely blocked from getting to the leaves, and so no photosynthesis can occur. The production of chlorophyll gets concentrated to give more. When harvesting time comes, you can be sure that it is more nutritious.

Green tea, on the other hand, does not go through this process. It is just allowed to mature then its tender leaves are plucked and taken for processing. Its immediate processing gets it into some fermentation. Through this process, there is no serious chlorophyll that is allowed to build up. This makes it less nutritious compared to matcha tea.

What is the amount of caffeine in matcha and green tea?

The level of caffeine in matcha and caffeine in green tea differ majorly because of the method used to prepare them from harvesting. The caffeine content in matcha is about five times higher than that in green tea. The caffeine content is determined by the amount of chlorophyll found in the tea. In fact, the level of caffeine in matcha is even higher than that in coffee.

It is this difference that gives you the varied effects on the body. Two people, one taking matcha and another taking green tea, will have a different impact. Well, the results might be closely related, but the intensity will vary. This is what brings the major difference.

What are the differences based on the effects on the body?

As stated before, the significant difference in caffeine content between the two drinks is that the content of caffeine is higher in matcha than that of green tea. This is what causes the following differences in the effects:

Better focus

If you take matcha and green tea alternatively, you will realize that you get much sober and focused on matcha than on green tea. This is a result of the high concentration of caffeine in matcha. However, you must be keen to take matcha with some control since it can make you resistant to other forms of tea. At the same time, taking too much of matcha can cause some stimulation, which will, in the end, interfere with the level of concentration that you were looking for. Generally, if you need some long term focus, matcha can grant it even 36 hours after you have taken just a cup. In other words, one cup of matcha is equal to five cups of green tea in terms of caffeine content.

Improved memory

Both green tea and matcha can boost your memory. This enables you to learn without much struggles. Matcha generally contains much of L-theanine, which helps in keeping the user in a relaxed state. It gives a sense of wellbeing since it boosts the operation of the brain. This substance is relatively limited in green tea. As much as green tea can also give you some improved memory, you cannot compare its level with matcha. In fact, those that are used to taking matcha will not feel any effect when they take green tea.

Improved metabolism

The high content of chlorophyll in matcha acts as a natural detoxifier of different toxins in the body. Remember, this level is higher than that of green tea. The same applies to the level of chlorophyll. They are both responsible for burning fats hence leading you to weight loss.

If you are working on your weight, you should use matcha more regularly than you use green tea. Green tea might only be effective when you want to use it for the first time. It has a lower level of caffeine, and so you cannot trust it much.


When we talk about the green tea and matcha in terms of caffeine content, you might feel that the content is much in matcha than green tea hence more advantageous. Anything with strength must have a weakness. The high content of caffeine is very much addictive that you should never underestimate. It is very addictive. If you take matcha for a long time, you can easily get addicted to it that you cannot survive without it. You can, however, take green tea for years without having the addiction felt.

Additionally, the high content of caffeine in matcha makes it very dehydrating. Therefore, when taking matcha, you should ensure that you take enough water. This is the only way to survive with a daily intake of matcha. Green tea, on the other hand, can be survived on with little water. We, however, can advise that you should maintain a high water intake. It is healthy for you.

Final thought

If you are keen, you will realize that the option with more advantages due to the high caffeine content is also the same that has more side effects. Therefore, we would not advise you to take green tea or matcha. It is you to decide on what you want to give weight when it comes to your tea consumption. Whichever option you go for, your oral and general immune system will be boosted. The caffeine content should, however, not be the more significant factor that one should consider when it comes to the taking of tea. Many factors come in. Make your choice wisely.

How to clean congress room with Shark Vacuum?

Shark Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are vital home appliances we should consider having at our homes; they help us clean our homes faster and efficiently. Any cleaning tasks on our curtains, carpets, floor tiles, upholstery can be completed well and on time with the help of these machines. Herein you will learn more about using the shark vacuum cleaners to complete your cleaning tasks efficiently. They are the machines to employ to clean most difficult or hardly reached places of the house.   What you need to know before you learn how to use it  It is time you need to consider this appliance as one of your basics at home. Due to technology advances that have taken place, you will find these appliances in different models. For our case today, we will talk about cleaning a congress room using a shark vacuum cleaner. These are more efficient and lighter models to make your cleaning project turn more enjoyable than ever. The shark vacuums can suit any floor, and they can do great as you need them to do.  Have a look at your shark vacuum once you have it. You will find that newer models in the market have removable containers storing all kinds of dirt and are reusable. On the other hand, the older models come along with bags to store any collected debris while performing their cleaning duties.

We are not yet at the point to write how the shark vacuums are used. Checking on the length of the vacuum cleaner you have is another point of consideration before you learn how it’s used. The length of the machine is essential as it varies as you’re busy with the cleaning duties.  Vacuum cleaners equipped with length indicators should be adjusted to reach the carpet depth you’re working on.  When commencing cleaning duty  Start by getting away all small objects that are at cleaner’s path before you start to vacuum the congress room. You might, at times, lose or break some items since the shark vacuums suction power is high. So, it’s better to save your items by moving those smallest ones so that you remain only with your floor.   When you have completed moving the items, it’s now time to start vacuuming the house. Go on to press the start button of your shark cleaner and allow free movement backward and forward. To ensure the machine properly collects all dirt on the floor, ensure to make slow movements for that reason.  Different accessories exist to help shark vacuum cleaner users to make adjustments to any given area or object. In case you need to clean the congress room corners, curtains, low furniture places, and rugs, you should change the vacuum hose ends.  You should ensure the collecting bags are regularly changed whenever you vacuum. For the bagless models, you should know how they are cleaned after use.   Experts have recommended these machines as they ensure there is normal airflow all through the congress room. The shark vacuums are the right machines you should not miss having at home.