The Best Toilet for Congress You Can Buy

Best Toilet for Congress

Toilets might not seem like a subject that governments would discuss or even take seriously. However, they have been addressed by the United States Congress in the past. In the year 1992, Congress passed the Energy Policy and Conservation Act. This act was designed to save water by only using 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The old model of toilet used over 3 gallons. The Energy Policy and Conservation Act helped to change home bathrooms across the nation. Today, many toilets are designed with this requirement.

Best Toilet for Water Conservation

The Kohler Wellworth Dual Flush Toilet is one of the best commodes to conserve water. The bowl for this toilet only uses up to 1.6 gallons of water. The American Standard H2Option Dual Flush toilet system uses about the same amount of water as the Kohler Wellworth. There is also the Penguin Dual Flush brand and the Niagara Stealth. Nature’s Head has a no flush toilet that doesn’t need water. Your waste material goes into a bin beneath the toilet. This will allow you take the compost and use it to grow your garden. Most of these toilet models use no more than 1.6 gallons of water. The Niagara Stealth only uses 0.8 gallons of water. That ability makes this compact small toilet one of the best water conserving bathroom equipment on the market.

Dual flush toilets utilize two types of flushing mechanisms. This allows bathroom goers to use less water when they flush. Low flush toilets are usually power. So, when they flush; they will make a powerful motion that will get rid of waste material. This is important for keeping the bowl clean and for getting waste down into the sewer where it belongs.

Water conservation toilets also come in different sizes. Some have a wider seat than others and others are more compact. Elongated toilets have more space in the toilet seat for the user. Many toilets have a round seat and can handle most users. Water conservation toilets measure out a certain amount of water for each flush. This is important because the units help to cut back on water waste. Remember, some of the earlier toilets used 7 gallons of water. That is an insane amount of water. Still 1 gallon of water is more than enough to flush away solid and liquid waste.

Don’t forget about the tankless toilets. These units work by using a lot of pressure to flush material away. The units are connected directly to the supply line. So, they don’t store water to use for flushes. Still, the units are designed to take in a gallon (or less) of water to get rid of waste material. Tankless toilets are another great design for best toilet for congress.

Dual flush toilets are often effective for flushing waste. This is because a dual flush toilet utilizes 2 types of flushes to get rid of waste. The first flush gets the material to go down the drain. The second flush allows for any left-over matter to be disposed. This way, nothing is left behind floating in the bowl. Toilet bowls such as these are among the best bowls that meet the demands of Congress.

who was the only non-human to testify before the u.s. congress?

who was the only non-human to testify before the u.s. congress

You must be wondering on who was the first who was the only non-human to testify before the u.s. congress? The answer is Elmo. Over very many years, great varieties of personalities who are many famous have entered in the U.S. Congregational record going through official testimony. Back in 2002, they went up getting their first kind of testimony from the non-human and famous person by the name Me Elmo Monster. Elmo is a red puppet who was capable of capturing the children’s hearts with his mannerism which was endearing and was having a third kind English style. In the year 2002, he was called upon to give a testimony before House Education Appropriations Sub-committee which was in defense of the funding of various music programs in many public schools. A puppets testimony is different from the witness given by an expert. However, the move towards including Elmo was designed to draw attention to the underfunded music programs, and it ended up achieving that at the end.

History of the United States CongressThe United States Congress is a bicameral legislature of the present federal government in the United States and is consisting of two kinds of chambers. The two types of chambers include the Senate and the House of Representatives. The congress has been meeting in the United States Capitol which is found in Washington, DC. Both representatives and senators are being chosen through the process of direct election. However, the vacancies present in the Senate may at times be filled using gubernatorial kind of appointment. Congress currently has 535 members who get involved in voting, 100 senators, and 435 representatives. The representative’s house has six members who are non-voting and are representing Columbia district, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico. Though the voting does not take place in the full house, these members are known for addressing the house, voting and sitting in various congressional committees and also introducing legislation.The house representative’s members are serving two-year terms while representing the people of constituencies which are single and they are, in other words, known as a district. Congressional districts are usually apportioned to being states because of the similarity in population as shown by the United States Census. They are always ensuring that every given state has its congressional representative. Every state regardless of size and population, is having two senators. There are currently 100 senators who are representing 50 different states.Every senator is being elected at large in their specific states for a term of six years. An average of one-third of the present Senate is usually current for the election.For one to be regarded as eligible for election, a candidate is expected to be aged around 25 to 30 years. Besides, it is supposed to have been a U.S. citizen for at least nine senate years or seven house years. You will also be expected to have been the state inhabitant in the place you are representing.The congress was created using the United States constitution and was met at first in 1789. They replaced its legislative function and the Congress of the Confederation. Although it is not mandated legally, it has always been practicing since 19th century. Congress members are being affiliated typically using the Democratic Party or Republican party. It is at times also rarely affiliated with independents or third party.

Legislative powers

The legislative powers shall be granted and vested in the congress in the United States. It shall consist of a house and Senate of Representatives. The Senate and house are equal partners in the process of legislative. The legislation will not be enacted without both chambers consent. However, the constitution has been granting each chamber its unique powers.

ConclusionWitnessing in U.S. congress is always a very significant move for those who take the risk. You now have the answer on who was the only non-human to testify before u.s. Congress? As we have seen, For the case of Elmo, that is how he ended up becoming popular and was respected all over the U.S.


which statement about congress is accurate?

which statement about congress is accurate

You must have been wondering about which statement about congress is accurate. Congress contains only various House of Representatives. The senate’s membership has its basement on a give statements population. According to the constitution, they are having bicameral kind of constitution. Group in both parliament and the senate is being based on equal representation.

History of the CongressThe United States congress history is referring to the present chronological record dealing with the United States Congress, such as legislative sessions. The constitution is defining the senate as bearing two senators for every given  state in the union. The house representative’s size is being based on the population and the number of countries. The numerical house scale is being set using law rather than the use of the constitution. The house has been growing in size as the states have admitted all through the 19th century as the country has been increasing widely in the population. The house has been allowing only one representative for 30,000 citizens. Congress has been passing new and higher house limits. It has been growing in size until a law was passed back in 1911. It had its basement in National Census back in 1910. They are established to present upper limit of 435 house members. Only 30,000 citizens had fixed the house size as they had previously set the constitution. A congregation is representing 600,000 and many more persons. In various American history periods, the congress role has been shifting along with the changing of multiple relations with other government branches. It was sometimes being marked by high partisanship and at times by various cooperation in the aisle. Its relationship with different branches of government have been changing over time. The congress was more powerful back in the 19th century compared to the 20th century. The presidency specifically during wartime became a more dominant branch. One of the analysts who is examining congressional history has been suggesting there have been four main eras with an overlap, which is considerable. This is including contemporary era, committee era, partisan era and formative era.

Continental congresses

Although one can be capable of tracing the congress history in the United States, the most continental progress was met in autumn 1774. The significant antecedent in the United States Congress was being convened back in May 1775 in attendance with twelve colonies. In 1776 a year later, the continental progress ended up declaring the free thirteen colonies and states which were independent. They are currently being referred to as the United States of America.

The second continental progress has been the national government which happened in 1781 in March. They supervised diplomacy and war and ended up adopting the confederation articles before the ratification of states in 1781. Confederation ArticlesConfederation articles were written back in 1776 and ended up coming into effect in 1781. This led to the establishment of a central government which is weak with only a unicameral body. Every state was represented equally, and each is having a veto for many of the actions. There was no judicial branch or no executive branch. This congress had been given authority which was limited over military matters and foreign affairs, but not regarding enforcing laws, regulating interstate commerce and collection of taxes. ConclusionYou now have the answer to which statement about congress is accurate. The congress is looked with keen eyes as it is responsible for everything happening in the country.

which of these is an expressed power of congress?

which of these is an expressed power of congress

What comes to your mind when you hear the word congress? Many people picture a group of politicians from different parts of the nation who are seated inside the capitol building voting for and against bills. They imagine individuals with several powers with regards to the governing of the nation. Those are entirely accurate imaginations because; first, congress members conduct their business in the State Capitol building and second, they have many powers with respect to the governing of the nation.

Which of these is an Expressed Power of Congress?

Before answering this question, I would like to point out that congress has more than twenty powers that are categorized under either expressed powers or implied powers.  Expressed powers are powers that the Constitution, quite literally, expresses for the congress. These powers are dictated in more details by the supreme law of the land. Implied powers, on the other hand, are those that congress exercises, which the constitution does not explicitly define, but are deemed necessary for the congress to carry out its expressed powers effectively.

Congress’s expressed and implied powers include but not limited to the power to:

  • create new states
  • create rules for the government and regulation of the military
  • establish a uniform rule of naturalization
  • call forth the militia to repel invasions, execute the laws of the union, and suppress resistance
  • raise an army and navy
  • declare war grant marquee & reprisal letters as well as establish rules governing land and water captures
  • propose amendments to the Constitution
  • Set up tribunals subject to the Supreme Court
  • lay and collect taxes duties, imposts as well as excises
  • control federal debt
  • borrow money on behalf of the United States
  • regulate commerce among the states, native tribes of the United States and with foreign nations
  • coin money, control money and destroy money
  • provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the US currencies and securities
  • establish post offices as well as post roads
  • create a federal bank
  • control guns
  • establish federal minimum wage
  • coin, control and destroy currency
  • promote science and useful arts advancements, by securing for inventors and authors the exclusive right to their respective inventions and works of art for a limited time
  • define as well as punish felonies and piracies committed against the law of nations and on the high sea

Which of these is an expressed power of congress? There are many expressed powers on the above list of congress powers. One of them is the power to create new states. The constitution quite literally expresses it for the congress. Other expressed powers of congress include the power to create rules for the government and regulation of the military, establish post offices and post roads, and control federal debt. Each of these congressional powers is provided for by the constitution.

Are Expressed Congressional Powers without Any Limitations?

No, congressional powers have limitations according to the constitution, which lists them clearly. For example, the supreme law of the land prohibits Congress from passing laws that limit individual liberties. As such, the president or the Supreme Court can constitutionally reject a law passed by Congress. So are the people. It is all part of the system of checks and balances.

Which is an example of logrolling in congress?

Which is an example of logrolling in congress

In the current world, one of the significant human achievements is an advancement in technology. The use of technology has taken root in almost all areas, and the legal field is not an exception. Lawtech is a word that is used by the law society to refer to the technological systems in the law docket. Technology has brought a change in the old ways of delivering legal services to people. It has also positively impacted how the justice system runs its operations. Lawtech includes the law firms that provide legal services through technological systems and the people who create and supply these systems to those law firms.

In various law firms today, the technological systems set in place can perform several duties. These include document drafting, research, and providing dispute solutions online, among other responsibilities. The benefits that come with Lawtech include reduced costs, increased efficiency, and delivering better legal services to individuals and organizations.

The mission of Law Tech Europe Congress

Since its introduction, the principal purpose of this congress has been to create educational forums that concentrate on the three major areas of legal technology. These areas are E-Discovery, Electronic crime prosecution, and forensics. They are the essential disciplines in operations of the legal system.

Logrolling in Congress

Logrolling is a situation whereby one party supports the ideas of another with the expectations that the latter will reciprocate. It is considered as the exchange of political power, votes, and support to pass a bill or law that is beneficial to the parties involved. In all meetings, individual choices determine group action. In politics, all economic and political decisions are made by politicians, which is an example of logrolling in congress. These politicians are elected into their positions by the citizens of the state. The act of logrolling must be beneficial to the parties involved. The majority party conducts the passing of the bills in the house.

The effects of this activity are quite severe. There is a significant impact on the decisions made. Any of these decisions do not only affect the involved parties; it also affects the citizens in the area where the implementation of the bill occurs. Just like with any other political undertaking, logrolling has its advantages and disadvantages

Advantage of logrolling

The majority party enjoys the monopoly of deciding whether a bill will pass through the congress or not. The minority party will also get some benefit. The bill they bring forth will not face much opposition; as long as they engage in vote trade with the majority party.

Disadvantage of logrolling

The major demerit of this exercise is that it opens a channel for corruption and selfishness among the participants. If the minority party cannot give political favors, they may end up giving financial motivation to the majority party in exchange for their support.


Lawtech is a phenomenon that describes the current technology in the judicial sector. It has helped in the reduction of costs, increasing efficiency, and improving the provision of legal services. Therefore, the judiciary should embrace it in all its sectors.