Which is an example of logrolling in congress?

Which is an example of logrolling in congress

In the current world, one of the significant human achievements is an advancement in technology. The use of technology has taken root in almost all areas, and the legal field is not an exception. Lawtech is a word that is used by the law society to refer to the technological systems in the law docket. Technology has brought a change in the old ways of delivering legal services to people. It has also positively impacted how the justice system runs its operations. Lawtech includes the law firms that provide legal services through technological systems and the people who create and supply these systems to those law firms.

In various law firms today, the technological systems set in place can perform several duties. These include document drafting, research, and providing dispute solutions online, among other responsibilities. The benefits that come with Lawtech include reduced costs, increased efficiency, and delivering better legal services to individuals and organizations.

The mission of Law Tech Europe Congress

Since its introduction, the principal purpose of this congress has been to create educational forums that concentrate on the three major areas of legal technology. These areas are E-Discovery, Electronic crime prosecution, and forensics. They are the essential disciplines in operations of the legal system.

Logrolling in Congress

Logrolling is a situation whereby one party supports the ideas of another with the expectations that the latter will reciprocate. It is considered as the exchange of political power, votes, and support to pass a bill or law that is beneficial to the parties involved. In all meetings, individual choices determine group action. In politics, all economic and political decisions are made by politicians, which is an example of logrolling in congress. These politicians are elected into their positions by the citizens of the state. The act of logrolling must be beneficial to the parties involved. The majority party conducts the passing of the bills in the house.

The effects of this activity are quite severe. There is a significant impact on the decisions made. Any of these decisions do not only affect the involved parties; it also affects the citizens in the area where the implementation of the bill occurs. Just like with any other political undertaking, logrolling has its advantages and disadvantages

Advantage of logrolling

The majority party enjoys the monopoly of deciding whether a bill will pass through the congress or not. The minority party will also get some benefit. The bill they bring forth will not face much opposition; as long as they engage in vote trade with the majority party.

Disadvantage of logrolling

The major demerit of this exercise is that it opens a channel for corruption and selfishness among the participants. If the minority party cannot give political favors, they may end up giving financial motivation to the majority party in exchange for their support.


Lawtech is a phenomenon that describes the current technology in the judicial sector. It has helped in the reduction of costs, increasing efficiency, and improving the provision of legal services. Therefore, the judiciary should embrace it in all its sectors.

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