which of these is an expressed power of congress?

which of these is an expressed power of congress

What comes to your mind when you hear the word congress? Many people picture a group of politicians from different parts of the nation who are seated inside the capitol building voting for and against bills. They imagine individuals with several powers with regards to the governing of the nation. Those are entirely accurate imaginations because; first, congress members conduct their business in the State Capitol building and second, they have many powers with respect to the governing of the nation.

Which of these is an Expressed Power of Congress?

Before answering this question, I would like to point out that congress has more than twenty powers that are categorized under either expressed powers or implied powers.  Expressed powers are powers that the Constitution, quite literally, expresses for the congress. These powers are dictated in more details by the supreme law of the land. Implied powers, on the other hand, are those that congress exercises, which the constitution does not explicitly define, but are deemed necessary for the congress to carry out its expressed powers effectively.

Congress’s expressed and implied powers include but not limited to the power to:

  • create new states
  • create rules for the government and regulation of the military
  • establish a uniform rule of naturalization
  • call forth the militia to repel invasions, execute the laws of the union, and suppress resistance
  • raise an army and navy
  • declare war grant marquee & reprisal letters as well as establish rules governing land and water captures
  • propose amendments to the Constitution
  • Set up tribunals subject to the Supreme Court
  • lay and collect taxes duties, imposts as well as excises
  • control federal debt
  • borrow money on behalf of the United States
  • regulate commerce among the states, native tribes of the United States and with foreign nations
  • coin money, control money and destroy money
  • provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the US currencies and securities
  • establish post offices as well as post roads
  • create a federal bank
  • control guns
  • establish federal minimum wage
  • coin, control and destroy currency
  • promote science and useful arts advancements, by securing for inventors and authors the exclusive right to their respective inventions and works of art for a limited time
  • define as well as punish felonies and piracies committed against the law of nations and on the high sea

Which of these is an expressed power of congress? There are many expressed powers on the above list of congress powers. One of them is the power to create new states. The constitution quite literally expresses it for the congress. Other expressed powers of congress include the power to create rules for the government and regulation of the military, establish post offices and post roads, and control federal debt. Each of these congressional powers is provided for by the constitution.

Are Expressed Congressional Powers without Any Limitations?

No, congressional powers have limitations according to the constitution, which lists them clearly. For example, the supreme law of the land prohibits Congress from passing laws that limit individual liberties. As such, the president or the Supreme Court can constitutionally reject a law passed by Congress. So are the people. It is all part of the system of checks and balances.

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