which statement about congress is accurate?

which statement about congress is accurate

You must have been wondering about which statement about congress is accurate. Congress contains only various House of Representatives. The senate’s membership has its basement on a give statements population. According to the constitution, they are having bicameral kind of constitution. Group in both parliament and the senate is being based on equal representation.

History of the CongressThe United States congress history is referring to the present chronological record dealing with the United States Congress, such as legislative sessions. The constitution is defining the senate as bearing two senators for every given  state in the union. The house representative’s size is being based on the population and the number of countries. The numerical house scale is being set using law rather than the use of the constitution. The house has been growing in size as the states have admitted all through the 19th century as the country has been increasing widely in the population. The house has been allowing only one representative for 30,000 citizens. Congress has been passing new and higher house limits. It has been growing in size until a law was passed back in 1911. It had its basement in National Census back in 1910. They are established to present upper limit of 435 house members. Only 30,000 citizens had fixed the house size as they had previously set the constitution. A congregation is representing 600,000 and many more persons. In various American history periods, the congress role has been shifting along with the changing of multiple relations with other government branches. It was sometimes being marked by high partisanship and at times by various cooperation in the aisle. Its relationship with different branches of government have been changing over time. The congress was more powerful back in the 19th century compared to the 20th century. The presidency specifically during wartime became a more dominant branch. One of the analysts who is examining congressional history has been suggesting there have been four main eras with an overlap, which is considerable. This is including contemporary era, committee era, partisan era and formative era.

Continental congresses

Although one can be capable of tracing the congress history in the United States, the most continental progress was met in autumn 1774. The significant antecedent in the United States Congress was being convened back in May 1775 in attendance with twelve colonies. In 1776 a year later, the continental progress ended up declaring the free thirteen colonies and states which were independent. They are currently being referred to as the United States of America.

The second continental progress has been the national government which happened in 1781 in March. They supervised diplomacy and war and ended up adopting the confederation articles before the ratification of states in 1781. Confederation ArticlesConfederation articles were written back in 1776 and ended up coming into effect in 1781. This led to the establishment of a central government which is weak with only a unicameral body. Every state was represented equally, and each is having a veto for many of the actions. There was no judicial branch or no executive branch. This congress had been given authority which was limited over military matters and foreign affairs, but not regarding enforcing laws, regulating interstate commerce and collection of taxes. ConclusionYou now have the answer to which statement about congress is accurate. The congress is looked with keen eyes as it is responsible for everything happening in the country.

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